The 2015 Global Supply Chain ‘thought leadership’ Summit will take place in Athens, 29-30 September, 2015. The primary venue is the Megaron Athens International Conference Centre.

There have been five previous events of this nature over the last decade, all in Asia Pacific locations. However, in 2015 we are taking the event to Europe at a time when European businesses are searching for inspiration. The location is Athens - but the scope is global.

The concept is the brainchild of Dr John Gattorna, acknowledged as one of the leading contemporary supply chain ‘thought leaders’. And the event, unlike so many supply chain events now being offered around the world, is a genuine forum for thought leadership and discovery. That is why attendance is strictly limited in number, and open to invited executives only. This is a not-for-profit forum for those passionate about developing the science of supply chain management.

Apart from the conversations generated in two (2) intense days of interaction, among some of the finest thinkers in business and academia, John will be launching his latest ‘thought leadership’ piece in the form of a new book. All attendees will be given a signed complimentary copy for their use and enjoyment.

The theme chosen for the 2015 Athens Summit is:  Building dynamic institutions in the new networked world.

This theme fully acknowledges that the design and operation of contemporary supply chains plays a major role in the performance of the enterprise. As such, we will ensure that representative of all corporate functions, and especially the C-level, are invited to Athens.

This Summit will be co-hosted Evangelos Angeletopoulos, Founder of the Value Network Management Forum (VNMF), and Managing Director of a major Greek management consulting Firm. The event is supported by the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) and the UTS Business School in Sydney (academic partners), and three (3) professional associations: Institute of Supply Chain Management, India; the Hellenic Management Association; and the Hellenic Institute of Production and Operations Management.

Athens 2015 is structured around twelve (12) panels, each focusing on a major topic of interest/concern to a wide business audience; the details of each panel can be found under the Agenda/Program tab. To generate a high level of informed debate, we have hand-picked the participants on each panel, aiming for a blend of conceptual capacity and practical experience.

In addition, the 100 places have been set aside for paid registrations, and these will only be filled by executives that we feel can materially contribute to the debate. Indeed, every person at the Summit will be there by personal invitation- this is a closed event for the ‘best-of-the-best’ businesses minds. The ‘rest’ will have to look after themselves.

If past events are any guide, the learning generated during the twelve (12) panel discussions, two special guest addresses, and other more informal conversations during the 2-days on-site will lead directly to elevated performance in the enterprises represented at the Summit. There are no absolute experts, so we have to ‘learn by doing’ and sharing the very best thinking and practices.

Let’s use this occasion to help make the new emerging ‘Independent Republic of the Supply Chain’[*] a global force for the greater good of all mankind.

*A phrase first coined  by Auret van Heerden, Head of the Fair Labour Association (FLA) in a prominent TED Global address in July  2010.

We are pleased to have two prominent Business Schools as Academic Partners for Athens 2015. 

The Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) has a fine record, and one of the outstanding International MBA’s in Europe.


and the

  Athens University of Economics and Business

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Business School has likewise. UTS Business School will be the host for the next Summit, scheduled for 2017 in Sydney.

   UTS Business School

Athens 2015 will be co-hosted by Dr John Gattorna and long-time colleague, Evangelos Angeletopoulos. For details of both hosts, and their respective organizations, see side tab. These two supply chain ‘thought leaders’ are not your usual event organizers throwing together an ad hoc program. Rather, they are passionate about the ‘supply chain domain’ and its impact on the performance of the enterprise overall. John and Evangelos have worked together in Greece on previous occasions, advising high-profile clients and conducting advanced management development programs.